Vocal Auditions

In recent years there has been an increase in television programs in which singing talent has become a matter of competition. Currently, there are numerous programs that perform castings voice to select the best singers to compete.

Week after week, these singers act before a jury and so the competition begins in which some of them will go on to the following audition, while the rest of the candidates will have to leave. But what is the difference between the singer who can end up winning one of those talent shows and the one who can't? Luck? Effort? Training? Image? It's obviously a little bit of everything, that's why a candidate should never go to an audition for singers relying on nothing more than their luck.

Castings de voz

What aspects can have in mind a jury during singing auditions?

The jury of a talent show or of a musical theatre audition may value several different aspects such as tuning, the stage presence, the spectacle and musicality, and they may also keep in mind the control the singer shows under unfavorable situations.

A singer is not only his voice, but what they do onstage with it. Therefore, to shine in an audition, as well as confidence and optimal stage fright management, you must have a good technical base and it will also help to select a repertoire to perform that plays in your favor and not against you.

In Espai Coriveu we want to help you fulfill your dreams and we place at your disposal our experience in vocal coaching so you may learn to master the necessary technique and control the most important aspects that the jury will keep in mind during your audition. Play to your advantage! Train with us before going to any audition for singers.

Audiciones de canto