Teachers of singing in Barcelona

The team

Espai Coriveu has a team of singing teachers all dedicated to making your dreams come true in our Academy of Barcelona.

Led by the vocal coach Carla Aparicio, the teaching body at Espai Coriveu have united their efforts in search of new ways to benefit your learning process in the world of singing.

Our labour force is precious and essential to carry out a project the purpose of which is to always meet your expectations. And that is something we can only achieve because of the professionalism, commitment and dedication of our singing teachers: who are all great professionals, yes. but first and foremost, great people.

“What the teacher is, is more important than what he teaches”. Karl A. Menninger

Our teachers are the heart of this project. You are the voice.

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Carla Aparicio
Carla Aparicio, Director
Singing teacher Lisbeth Ortega
Lisbeth Ortega, Professor
Pardo Xavi singing teacher
Xavi Pardo, Professor
Pol Cardona singing teacher
Pol Cardona, Professor
Singing teacher Judit Robles
Judit Robles, Professor
Singing teacher Marina Castillo
Marina Castillo, Professor

Our team of teachers, one by one

Click on the pictures to learn more about each of our teachers and access their curriculum vitae.


Located in Gràcia, Barcelona, ourmodern singing school it's the dream fulfilled Carla Apariciothe place where heart and voice meet to become art. Your Art. 🙂

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