What does the music you listen to say about you?

According to the results of a study conducted by researchers University of Cambridge (United Kingdom), published in the journal PLoS One, the musical tastes of each one of us can reveal a lot about our personality, way of thinking and behaving.

The job It has focused concretely on the type of music you tend to like the more empathic people; which are more sensitive and understanding to the emotions of others and, On the contrary, the music they listen to those who are more methodical.

Little is known about what factors are determining factors when deciding on a musical style or another, although some studies suggest explicit differences depending on the age and personality. Science has shown that fans of the soft rock, del R&B and folk, which are styles of music melodic and quiet, They got high scores on tests of empathy. On the other hand, lovers more intense musical styles like punk, metal or jazz vanguard would be more methodical people.

que dice de ti la musica que escuchas, preferencias musicales personalidad

The team of scientists led by David Greenberg, a jazz saxophonist amateur, It has succeeded in demonstrating that cognitive processes influence each musical preferences, so the music we listen reveals much about us.

The study was conducted between 4000 volunteers who underwent the test of a Facebook application, classifying the subject's personality from a psychological questionnaire. Participants were asked to listen fifty songs of different genres and then rate them.

Big data for the music industry

Depending on your personality, the study found that the great successes of the most methodical people were the Op Study 65 No 3 de Alexander Scriabin, the Concerto in C de Antonio Vivaldi, the Enter the Sandman Metallica and God save the Queen de The Sex Pistols; while They chose the most empathetic as the music header Hallelujah de Jeff Buckley, the All of me de Billie Holiday, the Come away with me Norah Jones and Crazy little thing called love de Queen.

Greenberg says this research may shed light on projects platforms, as Apple Music or Spotify, invest fortunes in develop algorithms able to predict the music that users prefer to listen. To sum it all up, You listen and tell me what I will tell you who you are. 🙂


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