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The vocal coaching or vocal training is the professional education of singers, actors and presenters in order to improve their vocal technique, care and balance of their voice. The professional who teaches the sessions is a voice specialist, usually referred to as vocal coach, and they are responsible for training professionals so they can give the best performance in any event related to the voice.

Sessions can be in the form of private lessons, of training during rehearsals prior to a performance or as coaching during a recording session. The main function of a vocal coach singers is to help the professional prepare their voice and work with it in a healthy way which will allow them to sing in a relaxed and comfortable way to avoid injuries through overuse.

Vocal coaching

How can you improve through vocal coaching?

Whether you're a professional singer, amateur or singing beginner, training your voice will allow you to, as well as everything we've already mentioned, get rid of bad habits or avoid developing them from the beginning, gain strength, extend your vocal range and sing efficiently for a longer time.

In order to make singing as easy as speaking and to make your voice sound natural, expressive and powerful, without sounding artificial, the best thing to do is to work in a personalized way with your vocal coach, because in the same way that every voice is different, so will the work to keep it balanced and healthy.

The job of a professional vocal coach is based on the knowledge that the voice is an instrument which is physical, acoustic and mechanical. So, in the same way that a musician should get to know his musical instrument, you, as a singer, must have a solid foundation on which to build your own style, besides being able to apply what you learned to sing in any style you want.

This is possible thanks to vocal coaching because just like a well-trained athlete has the ability to play different sports, a singer who posesses a good vocal technique and expression has the potential to sing competently in any musical style.

Professional vocal training
Professional vocal training

What do we work in the sessions of vocal coaching in Espai Coriveu?

In our multipurpose room in Gracia, Barcelona, we work on your technique, posture, breath control, tone, vocal improvement, musicality, expression and performance, high and low notes ... And, since you already are a vocal athlete, the warm up, which will become a part of your routine.

All that with freedom of style, since we use techniques from both coaching and psychology that allow you to develop your personality as a singer, in a natural way, while you sing what you like without your performance being forced or artificial. Because in Espai Coriveu, with Carla Aparicio, not only do you learn to sing, but you also find the singer in you!

Our lessons are 100 % personalized, adapted to each singer, without a specific structure. In them we work both vocal technique and managing emotions and self-esteem, so that improving your singing technique will become much more that just learning a skill.

In our training sessions for soloists and backing singers we prepare your songs in order to record them in a studio, we prepare the voice before a tour, we make arrangements to sing with backing vocals... and much more. In addition, we can help you in rehearsals, stages, study sessions and we can also record backing vocals for your songs. Ask for a personalized budget!

Prices for vocal coaching

At Espai Coriveu you have different options to learn how to sing: you can join one of our courses or sporadically take our lessions in vocal coaching to work your voice from time to time, whenever you want.

The price of 1 individual lesson is of 65 €. You may also share a session with whomever you decide and work in a Duet for 79 € per session or purchase a bonus of 4 sessions by 215 € (for a larger number of sessions, please, contact us).

Vocal training sessions are also a perfect gift for that someone you know who loves to sing. Had you ever thought of it? 🙂

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FAQs on vocal coaching

Who can benefit from professional voice training?

The vocal coaching benefits any advanced or professional performer, amateur or singing beginner, whether they are a child or an adult. Even though it may seem so, vocal training is not only for professionals, but for every singer who wants to achieve their goals with a safe and systematic approach.

Why do I need the help of a vocal coach?

For the same reason that athletes have coaches. Only when natural talent is strengthened and combined with specific training can the best results be achieved. In addition, a vocal coach can help you minimize injuries and take care of your voice.

What singing style does a voice coach teach?

The vocal coach does not teach singers how to sing in a certain style, but to master the basics based on muscle "memory" so you can identify which parts of your own body, when worked with, produce better sound and amplification. With repetition you improve your self awareness and you gain control of your voice, besides training it for resilience and better results. Practicing what you learned with your vocal coach, in a few sessions you will apply it to any style you want to sing.

How long does it take to learn singing technique?

While the evolution during singing preparation is a very personal process and a certain outcome cannot be guaranteed in a specific period of time, you can achieve measurable results in few sessions. The more you practice what you have learned, the better you'll get to sing and this will contribute to keep and increase your motivation.

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How long are sessions of vocal coaching?

A session lasting between 45 and 60 minutes is the practice time that most singers consider appropriate, since focused and intense work is always more effective than longer sessions in which continuous distractions can appear.

What if I want to sing in a group, do I need a different training?

A singer may have a great voice but that does not imply they can get good results singing in a group. There is a big difference between a group of people singing at the same time and in the same place, and a group of singers who know how to blend their voices and interact with each other. Vocal training for groups goes beyond what is needed for an individual voice and focuses on training vocal blend, active listening habits, volume balance and other skills needed to perform as a team.

If I am not a singer, will I get to sing well?

Almost everyone can sing if they know technique, although a natural talent is needed; an unavoidable genetic part and physical traits to guarantee, for example, that there are no injuries on the vocal folds or the inner ear that may impair this capacity. However, if your ear works properly, with the right training you can learn how to sing.

Vocal coaching Barcelona

Can a vocal coach evaluate whether I sing well?

Not only can they evaluate you, they can also explain in a personalized session how you may improve according to your level. If you want to know if you sing well or how much you can learn, do not hesitate to contact us and show us what you've got.

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Member coaching in Barcelona
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